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Avionic Logger GL1020FTE

Logging CAN Bus Data for Flight Tests

What is GL1020FTE?

The data logger GL1020FTE is a special flight test equipment to record avionic bus communication.

It is designed for application in the pressurized fuselage area to independently record communication data of various air-craft systems during flight testing.

The logger meets the typical avionic requirements on electromagnetic compatibility (EMI).


  • Very short start-up time
  • Fast data up- and download
  • Extensive filtering and trigger conditions
  • Convenient offline bus analysis in CANoe, CANalyzer, CANape, and vSignalyzer
  • Housing protects against dust and humidity
  • Suitable for rough surroundings and resistance against
    • typical acceleration
    • operational vibration

Avionic Features

  • Designed for compliance with DO-160E
  • No impact on the bus communication in the aircraft
  • Protection from short circuit
  • Protection from indirect lightning effects
  • Mounting plate with bonding point
  • RF emission and susceptibility according to typical avionic requirements
  • Operational at altitudes up to 36,000 ft


  • Triggered logging: Trigger on symbolic messages, CAN identifiers or signal values with configurable pre- and post-trigger times
  • Conditional logging: With configurable start and stop conditions as well as filter options to reduce the amount of data
  • Configurable LEDs for indication of various conditions