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CANape für Kalibrierung

CANape - Measuring, Calibrating, Diagnosing and Flashing ECUs

What is CANape?

The primary application area of CANape is in optimizing parameterization (calibration) of electronic control units. During a measurement process, you can simultaneously calibrate and record signals. The communication between CANape and the ECUs takes place via protocols such as XCP or via microcontroller-specific interfaces with the VX1000 hardware.
CANape offers diagnostic access, bus analysis and the integration of analog measurement technology. Calibration data management and convenient measurement data evaluation including reporting make CANape a complete tool for ECU calibration.

Highlights of CANape 15.0

  • Measurement data rate>1GByte/s
  • Modern ribbon-based operation
  • Comfortable processing parameters in a team
  • Graphically configuring functions
  • Guided calibration of cameras
  • Visualization of sensor data with the new "Occupancy Grid"
  • Increased real-time capability for bypassing
  • Support of MATLAB measurement data format MAT 7.3


  • Open and flexible platform, since it is based on standards
  • Measurement data can be acquired time-synchronously from many different sources
  • Convenient calibration and management of parameters
  • High-performance interface to ECUs with measurement data rates up to 50 Mbyte/s
  • Easy to incorporate analog measurement equipment with high sampling rates
  • User-friendly visualization Simulink/Stateflow models