The Professional Development and Test Tool for Avionics Networks

CANoe is an all-round tool for the development, testing and analysis of entire avionics networks and of individual electronic units. I t supports you during the entire development process – from planning to startup of entire distributed systems and their individual electronic units. CANoe’s versatile functions and configuration options are used by network designers, development engineers and test engineers at aircraft manufacturers, system suppliers and component manufacturers.

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Comprehensive Development Support

At the beginning of the development process, CANoe is used to create simulation models that simulate the behavior of the electronic units. Over the further course of electronic unit development, these models serve as a universal foundation for analysis, testing and integration of bus systems and electronic units. They let you detect and correct problems very early on. Both graphic and text-based evaluation windows are provided for evaluating the results.

CANoe contains the Test Feature Set for easy and automated execution of tests. It lets you model sequential test flows, execute them and automatically generate a test report.

CANoe.CANaero also includes the wide variety of monitoring and analysis functions of CANalyzer.CANaero.