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Editing A2L Files Extensively and Easily with New Version 10.0 of ASAP2 Tool-Set

All new functions of Version 10.0:

General improvements:

  • New version 1.70 of the ASAP2 format is supported
  • Formatting of generated ASAP2 files is now standardized in all tools
  • If the ASAP2 version differs from the input and output files, incompatible operators are converted into text formulas as necessary
  • The number of significant digits of float values can be configured for the output file

Further new features

ASAP2 Comparer:

  • A thesaurus may be used to compare also measurement and parameter objects with different names
  • A new thesaurus can be generated based on a comparison of alias names
  • Results documentation now also possible in Excel format

ASAP2 Merger:

  • In case of name conflicts, unique identifiers can be generated

ASAP2 Modifier:

  • Multiple search filters can be linked to one another (OR combination)
  • Symbolic links can be generated with configurable prefix and postfix
  • When filtering variables, dependencies are now considered recursively

ASAP2 Checker:

  • Extended plausibility checks
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