Know-how in Aerospace Electronic Networking

Technical Articles

"Testing the Unique - CANoe and the VT System are the optimal tool combination for handling HiL testing of individual control units."
Published in "Aerospace Testing International", Annual Showcase 2017
"Comfort Zone - A flexible CAN control box that functions as an intelligent test and simulation module is helping to make the testing of seat electronics more efficient."
Published in "Aerospace Testing International", Annual Showcase 2016
"Automotive to Aerospace: Test Equipment Draws on Smart Cars to Boost Tech"
Interview "Avionics" website, June 2015
"Test Strategies for Robust CAN Systems in Aviation"
Published in "AerospaceTesting International", issue 2015 Showcase
"CAN Bus Data Logger Provides Mobile Flight Test Solution to Airbus and Beyond"
Interview in "Avionics Magazine", October 2014
"Logging CAN bus data for flight tests - in pursuit of sporadic errors"
Published in "AerospaceTesting International", issue 2014 Showcase
"Efficient Testing in Aerospace Electronics"
Published in "AerospaceTesting International", issue 2013 Showcase

Product Videos

Watch the functions and controls of CANoe in some short videos
Watch the functions and controls of CANalyzer in some short videos

Webinar Recordings

Use this interesting presentations, expert tips and tool demonstrations to assure yourself a headstart. You can watch these recorded webinars at any time:

"CANalyzer.A429 – Analyzing and stimulating ARINC 429 data buses"
Recorded July 8, 2015, recording time: 31 minutes
"Network Analysis and Stimulation of the AFDX Data Bus using CANoe.AFDX"
Recorded June 14, 2016, recording time: 37 minutes
"Introduction to CAN FD"
Recorded January 15, 2013, recording time: 50 minutes 

"Option SCOPE - Oscilloscope Solution for CANoe and CANalyzer"
Recorded April 28, 2015, recording time: 55 minutes

Recorded June 19, 2012, recording time: 42 minutes

"From Requirements to Tests with DOORS, Test Automation Editor and CANoe"
Recorded June 21, 2012, recording time: 54 minutes


CAN / CAN FD Protocol Reference Chart
The clearly structured wall chart provides you with important technical details on the message structures of CAN and CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate).

E-Learning "Introduction to CAN" (including CAN FD)

"Introduction to CAN" (including CAN FD)
This E-Learning Module is intended for all those who want to gain a better understanding of CAN communication technology. A completely new chapter now addresses the enhancement of the CAN protocol developed by Robert Bosch, called CAN FD.