Vector and BASELABS Jointly Support the Development of Electronics for Automated Driving

Stuttgart/Chemnitz, GERMANY, 2014-10-08 – Vector and BASELABS have formed a partnership with the goal of jointly creating products and services for the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving. The partnership agreement was signed in August 2014.

Within the partnership, Vector will focus on special software tools for the development of ADAS and automated vehicles. BASELABS concentrates on software for data fusion in multiple-sensor scenarios, including the necessary algorithms. BASELABS will also provide application support in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and automated vehicles.

BASELABS and Vector will cooperate closely to provide their customers a comprehensive and integrated solution of development tools, algorithm libraries and consultation services. This comprehensive range of products and services will enable the automotive industry to efficiently and conveniently develop the sophisticated ADAS and automated vehicles of the future. To safeguard its long-term strategy, Vector has acquired 49% ownership share of BASELABS. The remaining 51% are held by BASELABS management, which consists of its four founding partners: Dr. Robin Schubert, Dr. Eric Richter, Norman Mattern and Holger Löbel.

"The strategic partnership with Vector is an important milestone which will enable BASELABS to focus more intensively on software for data fusion in multiple-sensor scenarios. The joint lineup of products and services from Vector and BASELABS will let our customers implement their complex systems more easily, obtain better results and take advantage of the latest technology," says Dr. Robin Schubert, Managing Director of BASELABS.
Thomas Riegraf, CEO of Vector, adds "This partnership is a key component of Vector's strategy in the areas of ADAS and automated vehicles. We will be systematically expanding our activities in this business field in the future."

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