Technical Article: Encrypted Signal Transmission with AUTOSAR in a CAN FD Network

In today's vehicle networks, data transmission is for the most part performed without any special security measures. Because of this it is possible to read out the data transmitted in raw format or to even replay it into the bus system in modified form if you have direct access to the vehicle bus. Encrypted data transmission would not only ensure that this information can only be evaluated by authorized recipients. At the very least, it would also make it much more difficult to intercept or alter the messages.

In CAN FD, in particular, it took relatively little effort to implement robust transmission of encrypted data with multiple nodes, and this method can also fit into an existing AUTOSAR environment. The method presented here makes attacks on the CAN (FD) communication much more difficult, and manipulation is hardly possible without “insider knowledge”. It has already been in production use for several years, and it also has led to favorable classification of the relevant vehicle for insurance premiums. In this case, security not only protects data; it even offers a direct cost advantage to the end user.

Figure Technical Article Security

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