Basic Software for AUTOSAR 4.2.1 Already Available

Vector has expanded its AUTOSAR solution to the latest standard AUTOSAR 4.2.1. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers benefit from many functional enhancements of the basic software and description files. The Vector AUTOSAR solution consists of the MICROSAR basic software and the tools DaVinci Configurator Pro and DaVinci Developer.

Key new features:

  • The transformer concept implements serialization protocols such as SOME/IP and the E2E protection. You use this for example for remote procedure calls or signal-based communication.
  • The Synchronized Time-Base Manager (STBM) together with the bus system-specific TSyn modules for CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet offers time synchronization across all buses.
  • Optimizations in the Ethernet stack – specifically for the service-oriented communication.
  • It offers full support for CAN FD. Thus, you may transfer up to 64 bytes of user data at a higher data rate. Relevant extensions have been implemented in the modules of the communication stack such as CANTP and XCP-on-CAN.
  • The secure onboard communication allows an authenticated communication between two ECUs. Due to the protection, no third party can interfere or pretend it is the correct counterpart.

Furthermore, the tools DaVinci Configurator Pro and DaVinci Developer are extended to support the new AUTOSAR 4.2.1 schema.

More details about the Vector AUTOSAR products:

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