CANape 14.0

Whether your tasks involve measurement, calibration, diagnostic testing or flashing of your ECUs – CANape 14.0 supports you with new, useful functions:

  • Offline evaluation of bus communication in the Trace window
  • Visualization of GPS data with various map materials is now included as a standard feature
  • Graphic interface for linking Simulink or bypass models
  • Convenient configuration of signals from analog measurement technology from third-party manufacturers
  • Support of time synchronization according to the latest XCP standard V1.3.0
  • Signal-oriented evaluation of Ethernet logging files
  • Optimization of measurement lists through automatic structuring of the signals windows

All new functions in detail ...

You will get acquainted with the most important new features in this 7-minute video:

Video watch the video via Vector website ...

Learn more about CANape in this webinar recording "CANape 14.0 – Introduction to new functions", from June 11, 2015, duration 58 minutes.

Graphic CANape 14.0

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