Video: Quickly Develop Your Own Measurement and Calibration Tools with CDM Studio

Standard tools can be used to conveniently solve most challenges in the measurement and calibration of ECUs. However, every automotive OEM or ECU supplier occasionally encounters applications for which there is no existing tool support. Often, special tools are developed in-house. Although they offer help, their integration into the existing tool chain is either inadequate or nonexistent.

Often functions that exist in standard tools (e.g. reading the A2L file) need to be "programmed afterwards". High levels of training and maintenance typically waste time and resources. There are other disadvantages as well that development managers must take into account, including the lack of consideration of new standards, reduced working efficiency due to different user interfaces, etc.

CDM Studio offers a remedy in the form of an integrated plug-in interface that is based on .NET technology and lets you implement your own measurement and calibration applications.
The following are some of the benefits to users:

  • They can access many standard functions via the API
  • They can focus on their own task solutions
  • Plug-ins are integrated into the CDM Studio user interface and thereby support uniform operating concepts

In a 12-minute video, you will learn – based on the example of characteristic map optimization – how you can use CDM Studio to quickly develop your own calibration tools.


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