Technical Article: Calibrating ECUs – Trends and Effects on Development Methods and Tools

The developments and challenges of the next five to ten years in the area of measurement and calibration of ECUs will be determined by global trends and will involve several changes. Established work methods are frequently reaching their limits, and adoption of new approaches by companies is inevitable. Data-based calibration methods, "intelligent" data management with virtually transparent data exchange, and flexible integration of expert knowledge via apps, among other things, will supplement the work of the application engineer.

Scalability paired with investment protection will also be at the top of the priority list for customers for a number of years. Needed are tools and implementations that grow with requirements – from a single workstation to teams and finally to a enterprise-level solution. The specialists of Vector have named their vision of the next generation work environment the "Calibrators Workbench". What is meant here is an integrated offering of tools that are all equipped with a uniform user interface and the same look and feel. The tools provide similar methods and allow editing, management, and analysis of calibration data using a variety of tools.

Figure Technical Article "Calibrating ECUs – Trends and Effects on Development Methods and Tools"

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