PREEvision 7.5 – Highlights of the new Version

Model-based E/E Development for Commercial Vehicles

CAN Design according to SAE J1939

PREEvision supports the network protocol SAE J1939 for commercial vehicles including ISOBUS 11783 for forestry or agricultural tractors and implements. ISOBUS 11783 supports a unified and easy control of the additional equipment from the cockpit of the tractor. Further J1939 features are:

  • Import and Export of J1939 designs via DBC and AUTOSAR
  • Extended multiplexing for CAN
  • Modeling of controller applications
  • AUTOSAR compliant software and hardware network design

Support of AUTOSAR Software Component Template

PREEvision now fully supports the AUTOSAR Software Component Template. Missing event types and artifacts to model internal behavior of software components have been added. Further new AUTOSAR features are:

  • Import and export for AUTOSAR 4.2.1
  • Customizable AUTOSAR exports beyond ECU and system extract, e.g. for bus or communication based AUTOSAR extracts
  • Extended consistency checks for AUTOSAR compliant modeling

Custom Attributes

PREEvision offers a new concept for customizable attributes which is applicable in every layer. If there is an attribute missing for a special purpose, just one attribute for this demand can be created. The appearance and presentation of the new attributes in the property editor can be defined in an easy way.

Change History and Change Marker

The change history now tracks all the changes made during development. And the new change marker concept allows the easy and reliable identification of those changes. No matter if an attribute, a value, a relation or even a hidden artifact has been changed.

Scratchpad & Merge

The scratchpad is a safe working environment stored in the PREEvision database to find new solutions. After finishing the design in the scratchpad, the artifacts can be integrated into the bigger model context with the new merge functions.

Partial Model Support

The partial model support of PREEvision provides a tailored view showing only dedicated parts of the entire PREEvision data base model to the user and reduces resource needs of the client PC.

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