Editing A2L Files Extensively and Easily with New Version 11.0 of ASAP2 Tool-Set

One prerequisite for using CCP and XCP as measurement and calibration protocol is the existence of an ASAP2 description file. The ASAP2 Tool-Set is used to create and check this file. The six programs that are started from the command line and are configured by initialization files. With the Editor you now have an additional convenient tool for entering and editing all information via a dialog-based user interface.

Highlights of Version 11.0:

  • The ASAP2 Editor, which will be included in the tool set from now on, represents a significant enhancement. With the Editor you create, modify, and update ECU description files in the ASAP2 format of Version 1.x. You edit A2L files with the convenient dialog-based graphical user interface (GUI). You likewise use the GUI to control the other tools with the Editor.
  • UTF-8- and UTF-16-encoded files can now be read.
  • Configurable encoding of the generated ASAP2 files as ASCII or UTF8 is now possible.
  • The ASAP2 Checker can automatically correct a series of semantic errors and generate a new, correct ASAP2 file. Correctable error types include bit masks, physical limits, overlapping addresses, and duplicate names.
  • The results of the syntactic check and the semantic plausibility checks are available in an easy-to-read report in HTML format.
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