Validate and Sort MDF Files as Well as Read Them Into Your Own Applications Easily

New version 1.5 of MDF4 Lib

MDF4 Lib is a powerful function library; in its base variant you can use it to validate and sort MDF files as well as read them into your own applications.

The new ASAM-standardized MDF4 is supported in addition to the widely used MDF3 format. Base variant can be expanded by adding an option that supports writing files, allowing users to create and read MDF files. The library offers a convenient interface, which you can use to access signal data and supplemental information in an MDF file, regardless of the specific MDF version.

Highlights of Version 1.5:

  • MDF4 Lib is now also available as Linux component with C++ interface
  • Convenient read and write* access to metadata in form of custom comment fields without need for parsing or generating XML
  • Read access to parameters of conversion rules, for example, for transferring rules to other files

* Functionality of optional available "write option"

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