VN1630 log - the new Network Interface with Recording Feature

Vector presents a new member of the VN1600 CAN/LIN interface family

The new VN1630 log is a new universal network interface of the VN1600 family that is fully compatible with the proven VN1630A. In addition, the two-in-one device offers a recording feature for all inputs of the interface.

As an alternative to the interface functionality, VN1630 log offers the possibility to record vehicle communication autonomously:

  • For event-triggered, sporadic recording tasks over a certain period of time (a few hours or even a few days, e.g., weekend)
  • With a simple continuous recording feature for automatic recording of test drive data for subsequent offline analysis using Vector tools

The main recording features include:

  • Recording of CAN (FD) and LIN with up to four channels at full bandwidth
  • Data storage on replaceable SD/SDHC memory card with FAT32
  • Quick upload of logging data
  • Easily configurable with Vector Logger Configurator for GL Logger

Drei neue FlexRay Bus Interfaces: VN7572, VN8972, VN7610

VN1630 log - the new network interface with recording feature

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