PREEvision 8.0 – Highlights of the new Version

Service-oriented Architecture Design and Automotive Ethernet

Service-oriented Architecture Design

PREEvision 8.0 supports a service-oriented architecture design (SOA) starting from the modeling of services and the corresponding software components. The features for SOA at a glance:

  • Service-oriented architecture design
  • SOA diagrams
  • Modeling of service interfaces and APIs
  • Implementation with corresponding software components

Design of Ethernet networks

PREEvision 8.0 supports the communication design of Ethernet networks according to AUTOSAR methodology. The Ethernet features at a glance:

  • AUTOSAR-compliant communication design for Ethernet networks
  • AUTOSAR import and export
  • Switch configuration
  • Signal router for Ethernet
  • Automatic generation of many communication artefacts

Test Engineering and Management

The test engineering and management functionalities are now included in all available PREEvision licenses. Previously the functionality for integrated testing was available as a product option exclusively. The test engineering and management at a glance:

  • Full traceability from requirements to test reports
  • Easy integration into existing tool landscapes
  • Simple report generation with adaptable templates
  • Configuration and management of test environments and devices under test

Export of DBC ECU Extracts

The DBC ECU Extract provides a subset of a standard DBC export with the communication data relevant for just one ECU. The DBC ECU Extract complements the AUTOSAR-based extracts like the AUTOSAR Software Component Description. The configuration of custom extracts is now supported too.

Collaboration Features

For working in teams PREEvision 8.0 provides better performance and stability as well as a bunch of new features. An example: The commit, check-in, lock and delete dialogs show the hierarchy above the affected artifacts.

Usability Improvements

To display even huge models completely and yet clearly is continuously in the focus of the PREEvision development. PREEvision 8.0 comes with an improved usability. An example: The behavior of drag and drop actions can now be customized.

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