vCDM 5.8 - Professional Calibration Data Management

Version 5.8 of vCDM was enhanced with new features for managing calibration data professionally:

Comprehensive documentation of calibration objects: Centrally store documentation, instructions and guidelines linked with calibration parameters, functions and diagnostic codes

Convenient import into component libraries: Import parameter sets into component libraries via a wizard

Prevention of duplicate parameter sets: Detect and reuse parameter set duplicates

Simplified project creation: Easy creation of projects and datasets in Windows Explorer like folders

Support of cuboids: vCDM displays and processes cuboids and calibration objects with 4 and 5 axes in detailed windows

Improved check of and against A2L file: Optimized, configurable, and faster check of parameter sets against the A2L file. Improved check of A2L file during software import.

vCDM - Professional Calibration Data Management

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