Vector Offers New Tool Solution for MCAL Configuration

MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) is the driver layer defined in AUTOSAR for driving the peripheral units of a microcontroller. In the AUTOSAR field, semiconductor manufacturers usually offer these near-hardware drivers together with the actual microcontroller. Along with the static code, users also need an AUTOSAR-conformant configuration tool for the MCAL modules.

Ideal for ECU developers is a uniform tool environment in which they can conveniently configure the MCAL modules together with the Vector MICROSAR 4 modules. Vector offers such an environment in DaVinci Configurator Pro. This joint configuration succeeds best if the MCAL comes with specific extensions such as BSWMD descriptions, validation rules and code generators.

Vector now offers a licensing model specially designed for ECU developers and semiconductor manufacturers. Vector supplies the semiconductor manufacturer with a DaVinci Configurator Pro license package including Option MD. This is the same AUTOSAR-conformant tool technology that Vector also uses for MICROSAR development. It lets the semiconductor manufacturer develop the MCAL-specific extensions of the DaVinci environment and distribute them to ECU developers with the MCAL.

In addition, the package contains a redistribution license for the DaVinci Configurator MCAL. This license enables ECU developers to configure MCAL modules independently of MICROSAR as well.

Large semiconductor suppliers to the automotive industry are already using this new model, and in the future they will include the DaVinci Configurator with extensions as part of their MCAL deliveries.

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