Calibrating ECUs Optimally – CANape 15.0 with Many Enhancements

Whether your tasks involve measurement, calibration, diagnostic testing or flashing of your ECUs – CANape 15.0 supports you with new, useful functions:

  • Scalable decentralized recorder solution for very large data rates in ADAS environment (> 1 GByte/s) for XCP on Ethernet, video and raw radar data
  • Modern interface with intuitive menu ribbon organized by tool feature sets
  • Convenient collaboration on paramter sets within a calibration team
  • Graphical user interface for management and linkage of functions and Simulink DLLs
  • Guided calibration of cameras including support for fisheye and wide-angle lenses
  • Visualization of sensor data by object overlay in video and GPS window with new "Occupancy Grid" objects
  • Increased real-time capability for bypassing
  • Reading and exporting MATLAB measurement data format MAT 7.3 based on HDF5

All new functions in detail ...

For more information and tool demos please watch the webinar recording from November, 10 (68 minutes): playback.

Graphic CANape 15.0

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