New Edition of Reference Book on the XCP Measurement and Calibration Protocol

Vector is offering a free reference book on fundamentals and application areas of the XCP measurement and calibration protocol. "XCP – The Standard Protocol for ECU Development" is available as a hardcover print version as well as an E-Book for mobile devices.

ECU developers get a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of the ASAM-standardized XCP protocol. XCP enables flexible read and write access to variables or memory contents in the ECU. Specifically, the book covers the protocol and transport layers, the exchange of "Command Transfer Objects" (CTO) and "Data Transfer Objects" (DTO) and XCP services. Authors Andreas Patzer and Rainer Zaiser explain the A2L file setup for an XCP Slave and how to create it and they describe various calibration concepts.

Also illustrated are different application areas such as model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop, rapid prototyping, bypassing and virtual ECUs. The authors explain the underlying functions for measurement and calibration based on a sample XCP implementation.

The third, extended edition considers features of version 1.3 of the XCP-standard. Focus is on the topics of time correlation and synchronization.

The book has 128 pages with 75 figures and is also available as E-Book version in EPUB and MOBI format as well as a PDF document version.

Photo XCP Reference Book

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