Technical Article: Data Recording for ADAS Development - Scalable Recording of Sensor and ECU Data

The automotive industry is working extremely hard on technologies for autonomous driving. To replace human perception of the environment, the use of driver assistance systems with high-resolution radar and video sensors is essential. Massive quantities of data that need to both be transported via the communication networks as well as processed in real-time are thereby generated. This creates challenges in an unprecedented dimension on recorder solutions as well. When selecting a suitable system, a number of important aspects must therefore be taken into account.

By using recorder solutions with consistently scalable architecture, developers of driver assistance systems obtain very flexible systems that can be expanded to a nearly unlimited extent. The data rates of 500 to 700 MByte/s required in current autonomous driving projects for the storing of radar, video and ECU data can still be managed at the present time with just a single PC. As requirements increase, investment security is ensured by the VX1000 hardware – which can be used for both ECUs as well as for raw sensor data – and by the scalability of the complete solution.

(published in German magazine Elektronik automotive 3/2017)

Figure technical article ADAS data recording

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