20 Years of ECU Calibration with CANape – 1996 to 2016

Vector incorporated extensive know-how into the specification of the A2AP2 description files for ECU-internal values (also called an A2L file). After the specification of the "CAN Calibration Protocol" (CCP) in the mid 1990s, Vector quickly developed the first measurement and calibration tool.

Since November 1996, ECU calibration engineers have used CANape (CAN application environment) in order to adapt controller behavior to various vehicle models by changing only the parameterization, not the program code.

In the course of 20 years, thousands of new functions and user requests have been incorporated into the tool. Used worldwide by all vehicle manufacturers and ECU suppliers, CANape covers all application areas of ECU calibration: from measurement of very large data volumes and calibration of thousands of parameters, to integration into model-based development, to a complete solution for ADAS ECUs and bypassing.

Screenshot CANape 1.0 from 1996

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