Technical Article: Service-oriented Architectures and Ethernet in Vehicles

Towards Data Centers on Wheels with Model-Based Methods

Service-oriented architectures (‘SOAs’) have been used for years in the IT industry to describe and structure distributed systems. However, service-oriented design is also becoming extremely significant in the automobile industry: how else can customers’ increasingly urgent demand to adapt the scope of functions of the automobile, similar to the possibilities of today’s smartphones, be met reliably? It is also necessary to handle additional requirements from model maintenance and to introduce technology such as autonomous driving and vehicle-to-X communication.

The development tool PREEvision supports the methodical, consistent design of a service-oriented architecture. The user is guided from the definition of the service interfaces, through specification of the interaction of services, to an AUTOSAR compliant Ethernet design through an integrated workflow. If other bus technologies such as CAN, LIN, or FlexRay are also to be used in addition to Ethernet, mixed topologies can also be designed. Thus PREEvision accompanies the system designer through the challenging task of combining classic embedded design with modern service orientation and the necessary back-end communication – and thereby supports the transformation of the automobile into a data center on wheels.

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Elektronik automotive, special edition Ethernet 2017

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