Technical Article: All Puzzle Parts for OBD Documentation - Integrated process for generating the legally required OBD documents faster and without errors

OBD-II and HD OBD require extensive documentation from manufacturers for approval of new vehicle models by certification authorities. Creating it requires precise knowledge of the legal requirements, details of the implementation of the monitoring functions in the ECU, knowledge of extensive responsibilities, insight into the calibration parameters of the ECU, and much more. Besides the complexity of these tasks, correctness (of form and content) is extremely important, since there is a threat of fines for each approved vehicle.

It is to be expected that the regulated requirements that On-Board Diagnostics places on ECU development will continue to increase constantly in coming years. These tasks are currently performed “by hand” in the development process with significant effort. An integrated tool can support all the engineers involved according to their tasks and makes it possible to reuse existing knowledge in a sensible way. This leads to significant time savings and helps to reduce errors and the associated costs.

(published in German magazine Automobil-Elektronik 3-4/2017)

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