Editing A2L Files Extensively and Easily with New Version 12.0 of ASAP2 Tool-Set

One prerequisite for using CCP and XCP as measurement and calibration protocol is the existence of an ASAP2 description file. The ASAP2 Tool-Set is used to create and check this file. The six programs that are started from the command line and are configured by initialization files. With the Editor you now have an additional convenient tool for entering and editing all information via a dialog-based user interface.

Highlights of Version 12.0:

  • ASAP2 Modifier can now read in Excel/CSV files. This enables the properties of the measurement and calibration values from the ASAP2 file to be updated. The columns to be imported can be configured in the INI file.
  • To improve performance, alternative "quick filters" which only filter for the variable name are now also available in the Modifier
  • Files in the CANape update format are also imported with the Modifier. The update format can be used to remove or rename variables or to modify their properties.
  • The Modifier can be used to optimize the ASAP2 file by combining identical conversion methods and record layouts
  • Using ASAP2 Creator, you can now create address extensions and ASAP2-compliant escape sequences within strings
  • Missing alias names and address extensions can be created with ASAP2 Modifier
  • New checking for unique alias names and improved checking for circular dependencies with ASAP2 Checker
  • New automatic correction function for format strings
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