Toyota Selects Vector as Recommended AUTOSAR Basic Software Vendor

Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Toyota”) selected Vector as a recommended vendor of AUTOSAR 4 compliant basic software (hereinafter referred to as “AUTOSAR BSW”). The use of MICROSAR, the AUTOSAR solution from Vector, can help suppliers to develop the next-generation ECUs for Toyota vehicles more efficiently.

Vector offers embedded software components in numerous OEM-specific variants. When Toyota was setting the  specification for the Next Communication Stack (NextCS), Vector contributed to the effort with its profound know-how in AUTOSAR. These achievements resulted in Toyota’s selection of Vector as a recommended AUTOSAR BSW vendor.

Vector provides a practice-proven and universal tool chain for developing AUTOSAR ECUs. MICROSAR is the world's most widely used AUTOSAR BSW. In 2016, it became the world’s first AUTOSAR BSW to be certified to ASIL-D. This certification allows more advanced ECUs to be implemented for safety-related applications.

MICROSAR Modules Preview The MICROSAR packages contain modules of the AUTOSAR 4 standard and numerous enhancements.

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