vSignalyzer 16.0 – Professionally Display, Evaluate and Document Measurement Data

vSignalyzer is a convenient tool for efficiently evaluating measurement data of all types. It gives you extensive options for visualizing the data as well as functions for manual and automated analysis and reporting.

Highlights of new version 16.0 are:

  • Direct link between vSignalyzer and vMDM (Vector Measurement Data Management) for easy access to centrally managed measurement data
  • Indexing of MDF files on the local workstation for the fast, convenient search for measurement data
  • Thermodynamic state charts can be displayed for offline analysis using the new “Thermodynamic State Charts” option (see PDF of Product Information for details)
  • Multiple measurement files recorded together are displayed as a contiguous measurement
  • Improved project management – conveniently share projects using the new file container
  • Additional display options for time and value axes simplify analysis in the graphic window
  • Synchronous display of measured calibration parameters in parameter windows establishes the relationship between calibration operations and measurement data during the analysis
  • Faster operation thanks to user-defined ribbons and keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved automated analysis and report generation through new script functions for the cell-oriented reading and writing of Excel files as well as for exporting displayed pages and windows as bitmaps

Convenient and user-configurable display of acquired measurement data

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