AUTOSAR Adaptive Solution from Vector at a Glance

Adaptive MICROSAR is the Vector solution for vehicles with an E/E architecture based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. It provides the AUTOSAR Runtime for Adaptive Applications (ARA) and comprises an efficient development environment integrated in Eclipse. Adaptive MICROSAR targets high performance ECUs such as in-vehicle application servers, ADAS ECUs and infotainment systems. Vector provides you with a complete safety solution up to ASIL D, ranging from the hypervisor via the POSIX operating system to the ARA.

Adaptive MICROSAR Software-Module

Adaptive MICROSAR software modules.

Ihre Vorteile im Überblick:

  • Ready for series-production
  • Always up to date by continuous provision of software updates
  • Support of various POSIX-based operating systems
  • Development for safety-relevant applications up to ASIL D
  • Safety optimized C++ STL library
  • Quick start-up by included example projects

All advantages at a glance in the new Fact Sheet (PDF).

Further informationen about the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.

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