Technical Article: Test Strategies for Robust CAN Systems in Aviation

The CAN serial bus system has already been deployed in numerous aviation applications. Extensive activities in CAN standard working committees such as ARINC 825 and ARINC 812 indicate that aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, and airlines are increasingly relying on CAN systems in future aircraft programs. To meet the stringent requirements for robustness, reliability, and long service life, there is an increasing demand for efficient measurement and test methods, which also cover the CAN physical transmission layer.

Bit-accurate and time-synchronous analysis of logical and physical events on CAN buses with the described oscilloscope solution CANoe.Scope, not only speeds up primary troubleshooting, but also allows an evaluation of the signal quality and robustness. Extensive triggering and programming options combined with high-performance test automation, support developers during troubleshooting and optimization of their CAN networks.

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