Service Pack 4 for Vector Logger Configurator 2.5 (FTE Edition)

This free Service Pack offers you the following functionalities:

GL1020 FTE:

  • Trigger:
    • Conditioned long-term logging allows multiple Logging On/Off triggers
    • Symbolic configuration from value tables
    • Support of events on CAN signals up to 32 bit
  • Logging data export:
    • MDF 4.1 files can be compressed optionally, MDF 4.x files allow the extension .mf4
    • MDF 3.x: Support of value tables, optional sorting of MDF files
  • CAN settings:
    • Bit timing register freely configurable
    • Recording of error frames configurable for each CAN channel separately
  • Improved usability:
    • Comfortable folder selection dialog
    • Indication of configuration errors in the tree view