Service Pack 3 Vector Logger Configurator 2.6 (FTE Edition)

This free Service Pack offers you the following functionalities:

  • Configuration templates:
    • For easier configuration recurring settings can be stored as configuration template (*.glt).
    • For a new configuration a suitable template can be selected in order to be able to quickly adapt it to the project requirements.
  • File Manager / Vector Logging Exporter:
    • When exporting to MDF4 trigger and markers are stored as events in the MDF4 file. In CANape/vSignalyzer (since version 15.0) they are automatically displayed as events in the Graphics Window.
    • When exporting to MDF long signal names are supported.
  • Trigger with post-trigger time:
    • Using conditioned long-term logging the pre-trigger time can be configured    after the event "Logging off" to record further relevant data.

  • LEDs: An almost full memory card can now be indicated via LED.

  • Include Files:
    • When creating a new Include file a comment header is generated as template for the naming and description of parameters.
    • Symbolic signals, e.g. from a CAN database, can be used as parameters.