CANoe 10.0 - Highlights of New Features

With the current version of CANoe 10.0 you will benefit from new and improved features - furthermore customer needs have been implemented. Here is a preview of some highlights:

New test report & CANoe Test Report Viewer

  • Database driven test report for optimizied memory usage
  • CANoe Test Report Viewer enables easy navigation and filtering of test reports even for extensive test reports

Improved Offline Mode

  • Sorting of timestamps can be configured for individually recorded log files when replayed together in Offline Mode.
  • The new Offline Mode Window combines the previous dialogs in a central place and allows a simplified configuration of the offline mode.

Integration of new CAN/CAN FD stress hardware VH6501*

  • Digital and analog disturbance of CAN/CAN FD networks with full integration in CANoe
    *planned for end of Q3/2017

SPI support together with VT2710

  • Analysis of SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) communication and simulation of SPI master/slaves

More information:

New CANoe Test Report Viewer    
    CANoe Rest Report Viewer