Solutions for Avionics Networking

A number of bus systems have become established in the aerospace industry. Vector offers universal support for these bus networks with proven products and comprehensive services:

Protocol Description Products
AFDX® / ARINC 664 AFDX® (Avionics Full DupleX Switched Ethernet) will serve as the next generation aircraft data network. It is already being implemented in the A380, A350, B787 and other programs.

(AFDX® is an Airbus registered trademark)

AFDXEnd System T
CAN proprietary Until now CAN has primarily been implemented with proprietary protocols in the aerospace field. Efforts are currently underway to standardize its use in ARINC 825 (see below). CANalyzer.CANaero
ARINC 429 ARINC 429 was introduced in the 1980s as bus system for data communication in commercial aircrafts. Messages are transmitted with a maximum data rate of 100 kbit/s (High-speed) or 12,5 kbit/s (Low-Speed).


ARINC 825 ARINC 825 specifies the underlying communication both within CAN-based subsystems and between CAN subsystems, which might for example be interconnected by AFDX. It offers addressing mechanisms, communication mechanisms, a service structure, profile descriptions, and much more.
A number of application-specific protocols are based on ARINC 825. For example, ARINC 810 and 812 specify the communication between modules of the galley (Galley Master, Galley Inserts) with a focus on power management, and ARINC 826 specifies Software Data Loading over CAN. Support of ARINC 825 makes evaluations and tests easier as well.
CAN FD CAN FD (CAN with flexible data rate) is an enhancement of the CAN protocol developed by Robert Bosch. The main differences to CAN are the extended user data from 8 up to 64 bytes, and the ability to send user data with higher data rates. In this way, the requirements for higher bandwidth networks in the automotive industry are fulfilled, while profiting from the experiences in CAN development. Vector Solution for CAN Networking
CANopen CANopen is widely used in general embedded systems. In the aerospace field, it is used in integration of industrial COTS and in demonstrators. Vector Solutions for CANopen
Ethernet In addition to AFDX®, standard Ethernet is being used, e.g. in entertainment systems. CANalyzer.Ethernet

Avionics solutions from Vector are supplemented by:

Support Description Solution
Hardware interfaces High-performance hardware for interfacing to buses via PCMCIA, ExpressCard, USB, PCI and PXI/Compact PCI Vector hardware interfaces
Training Training courses and workshops for CAN fundamentals as well as CANoe and CANalyzer VectorAcademy
Consulting Consulting on functional safety, requirements engineering, product management, efficiency gains,
PLM and engineering methodology and change management
Vector Consulting Services GmbH
Engineering Services
Engineering services:
  • Adapting tools to special hardware
  • Adding customer-specific protocols
  • Creating configurations and test environments
Customized Solutions for Simulation, Testing and Logging
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