VH6501 - Precise and Reproducible Disturbances of CAN/CAN FD Networks

What is VH6501?

VH6501 is a flexible yet compact CAN/CAN FD disturbance hardware and a network interface for CANoe combined in one device.

In particular, the combination of disturbance hardware and network interface allows very simple test setups for CAN/CAN FD conformance tests without an additional network interface or a special cable.


Digital Disturbances:

  • Arbitrary sequences of dominant and recessive levels (including recessive stress)
  • Max. 4,096 level change in a sequence
  • Support for different trigger conditions

Analog Disturbances:

Overview of Advantages

  • Disturbance hardware and network interface combined in one compact USB device
  • Extensive trigger sources and disturbance types
  • Fine granular output of complex disturbances
  • External trigger output
  • Seamless CANoe integration
  • CAPL functions for test automation
  • Analog/digital I/O functionality
  • Connection for external time synchronization

Applications Areas

VH6501 enables you to generate disturbances of almost any kind precisely and reproducibly in CAN/CAN FD networks. This makes it the ideal tool for testing the fault handling of CAN/CAN FD nodes. Such tests are an essential part of conformance tests on a physical level.

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