Comfortable Design of Automated Test Sequences for Embedded Systems

What is vTESTstudio?

vTESTstudio is a powerful development environment for creating automated ECU tests. In order to increase the efficiency in terms of test design and to simplify the reusability it provides either programming-based as well as table-based and graphical test notations and test development methods.
vTESTstudio can be employed in all product development phases: from model testing right through to system validation. Thanks to the use of open interfaces vTESTstudio can be simply incorporated into existing tool landscapes.


  • Broad range of applications
  • Flexible parameterization
  • Universal variant support
  • Easy re-use of functions, test cases and parameters
  • Simple maintenance of test projects
  • Universal traceability
  • High test coverage
  • Direct access to XIL test environment symbols
  • Open interfaces

Highlights of Version 3.0

  • Ribbon and tabs sorted by application areas
  • Test Case Overview for a quick overview of all test cases including their attributes and trace items
  • Navigation to test cases, test commands, etc. from
    within other tools (e.g. CANoe, test management
    systems …)
  • Connection to MS Visual Studio to create and maintain
    C# code for vTESTstudio projects
  • Full multi-monitor support

Application Area

vTESTstudio supports you with the design of automated ECU tests in all development phases.

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