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CANalyzer 8.1 SP6


With Service Pack 6, the following changes become effective:

  • Minor improvements and integration of all customer specific fixes

With Service Pack 5, the following changes become effective:

  • Fixed an installation issue

With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:


  • AUTOSAR: Configuration of Short-Names for signals and signal groups in AUTOSAR network description (Options-General-AUTOSAR databases)
    • Support of several PDUs in a CAN message
    • Support of PDU lengths smaller than CAN message DLC

Diagnostic Feature Set

  • CAN FD: OSEK TP Observer extended by definitions from ISO/WD 15765-2 (2013)

Option  SCOPE

  • Support of new scope hardware PS5444B from Picotech with 4 channels, max. sampling rate 500 MS/s and 512 MS buffer.

Option .IP

  • Stability improvements for IP-Filter block.
  • Stability improvements for hardware configuration dialog and Japan language.

Option .Car2x

  • ASN.1 Browser: clear display of ASN.1 data structures in a tree view, inclusive find options
  • Map Window: objects with an unknown station type are also visualized with a colored triangle
  • WLAN Packet Builder: GeoNetworking protocol incl. Basic Header, Common Header and Extended Header according to ETSI Draft EN 302 636-4-1 V0.5.1 (2013-06) supported
  • Trace Window  - Detail View:
    • Application messages are decoded in GeoNetworking Secured Packets.
    • Detail View: Payload items are provided for Basic Header, Common Header and Extended Header.

Option .AFDX

  • Interactive Generator AFDX: for every block a default-source-IP address may be defined in the file CAN.ini.
  • AFDX Statistics Window: copy / paste improvements
  • Documentation: AFDX-specific Quickstart guideline
  • Data Window: additional column to display the functional state corresponding to an AFDX-signal

Option .J1939

  • Correct issue in CAPL with DLC information for Parameter Groups.
  • Correct issue with initialization of J1939 parameters in the IG-Block.
  • Correct issue with interpretation of some parameters of the DM24 in the DTC-Monitor.
  • Modified behavior of the method “J1939TestChkQuery_NumEvents”. Now all messages are considered.
  • Correct issue with not detected CAPL test cases in the J1939 Test Module Manager.
  • Stability improvements for J1939-Filter block.

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