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CANoe 8.5 SP6

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With Service Pack 6, the following changes become effective:


  • Support new Interface-Hardware VN8911 and VN8912A.
  • Support new VT processor module VT6051A.
  • Integration of several small fixes.

Option .Ethernet

  • Support new Ethernet Interface VN5610A

Option .Car2x

  • Upcoming leap second end of December 2016 is considered.
  • Issues in connection with Test Units from vTESTstudio V2.1 SP3 (or higher) have been resolved.

Option .AFDX

  • VN5610A supported
  • AFDX Interaction Layer: If signals of various messages are modified, then in case of single shot transmission the corresponding messaged will be sent.

Option .A429

  • Trace Window: Sorting corrected

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