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CANalyzer 10.0 SP3

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With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • Logging blocks can be added via the ribbon bar now
  • The importer of the Intrepid format (vbs) now supports CAN FD
  • The exporter of MATLAB (HDF5 based) format now supports text variables
  • A new field code {clock} generates filenames with actual time and date
  • A detailview was added to the Offline configuration window
  • Date and time of the measurement start can be read via CAPL and .NET

Diagnose Feature Set

  • More consistent configuration of Functional Group Requests for Basic Diagnostic Descriptions
  • Improved display of diagnostic parameters in the analysis windows (Data and Graphics Window)
  • Support of diagnostic variants for diagnostic parameters in Panel Designer
  • Updated diagnostic descriptions for OBD-II and Standard Diagnostics (GenericUDS.cdd and GenericUDSLIN.cdd)
  • Improved behavior of the OSEK_TP.DLL in case of mixed operation of CAN 2.0 and CAN FD
  • DoIP: Setting „RoutingActivationType“ in the „Diagnostics/ISO TP“ configuration dialog and new CAPL function DoIP_SetRoutingActivationType()
  • New CAPL functions diagGetParameterLongName() and diagGetRespParameterLongName() to determine the Longname of a diagnostic parameter
  • Unlock for "Additional Descriptions" is now accessing the Seed&Key DLL of the "Master"-diagnostic description

Option .Ethernet

  • SOME/IP:
    • Unified naming of secured SOME/IP PDUs and AUTOSAR PDUs
    • Interpretation of the SOME/IP Transport protocol in Trace
  • Logging of Extended-Ethernet frames supported in MDF4 ASAM format

Option .Car2x

  • Station Manager
    • The Station Manager has been added to the sample configurations.
    • The Station Manager window can now be saved in CANalyzer configurations.

Option .J1939

  • The new CAN Interactive Generator supports the J1939 protocol

Option .J1587

  • ChipCfg Dialog accepts for the Rx-Max-Inter-Character-Bit-Time even the value '9'

Option .CANopen

  • CANopen Safety columns in the Trace Window are filled correctly now

Option .AFDX

  • CAPL: The event procedure On PDU is supported.
  • Performance improvement for scheduling
  • AFDX VL Statistics: On high load the statistic values are calculated once per second (instead of once per 100 ms).
  • After stop of scheduling a message, fragments which are already in the Tx queue will be sent anyway.

Option .A429

  • A429 Interactive Generator: Stability improvement when message list is empty

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