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CANalyzer 10.0 SP4

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With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:


  • CAPL function DBLookUp now supports the dynamic search of AUTOSAR PDUs in databases

    Graphic Window
    • Zoom via mouse wheel works in all situations correctly now
    • No changes of the zoom after importing MDF files
    • A crash when switching to Offline Mode was fixed

Security Feature Set

  • Security Manager
    • New window framework with output window for status messages.
    • Multi language Support: Switch of tool language between German and English.
  • CANalyzer Security Functions
    • Supported bus systems: CAN/CAN FD, Ethernet and FlexRay.
    • Automatic calculation of the message authentication codes of secured PDUs and secured PDU containers before transmission.
    • Overlay Icons in the Trace window show the current security state(valid/not valid).
    • Error Event as System variable.
    • Mark of the PDU type Secured-I-PDU in the Symbol Explorer.

Diagnose Feature Set

  • Stability improvements with certain FlexRay configurations as well as when replacing diagnostic descriptions containing multiple variants or languages
  • Improved interpretation of diagnostic responses in the Diagnostic Console, when "Raw values" is active
  • Improved configuration of diagnostic descriptions for FlexRay regarding the selection of database nodes

Option .Ethernet

  • [CANOE-159540] Support the configuration of 1000BASE-T1 physical layer at the VN5640 interface.
  • [CANOE-147691] Support the configuration of static ARP tables of the TCP/IP-Stack.
  • [CANOE-159874] Interpretation of the Ethernet-Flow-Control packet.
  • [CANOE-283985] Fix an issue with the Analysis filter of the Trace window which may prevent loading of old configurations.
  • [CANOE-283848] Add VLAN-ID to the default Trace window columns settings.
  • [CANOE-155773, CANOE-155771] Support of RTP- and TRCP packet header in the Trace Window’s Detail View.
  • [CANOE-151071] Support of PGT signals in CAPL and Panels.
  • [CANOE-159099, CANOE-159267, CANOE-159215] Enhanced interpretation of the PGT protocol in the Trace Window.
  • [CANOE-158003] Fix an issue with the configuration of IPv6 hardware filter that may cause a modification of existing hardware filters.
  • [CANOE-152038] Improved handling of IPv6 Link-Local addresses.
  • [CANOE-158584] Fix an issue with the VN7640 interface that may prevent starting the measurement when a 100BASE-T1 ethernet channel has been configured.
  • [CANOE-158585] Support automatic configuration of the VN7640 interface.
  • [CANOE-159244] Fix an issue with a VN5610 interface that runs in Bypass mode, connected to a VN8912.
  • [CANOE-159302] Fix an issue with VN8912 in Standalone mode and VN5640 which prevents the reception of Ethernet frames.
  • [CANOE-156121] Fix an issue with the diagnostic console which prevents the transmission to some IP addresses.
  • [CANOE-159093] Fix an issue which prevents that correct meta data will be written in PCAP and PCAPNG logging files. SOME/IP und AUTOSAR
  • [CANOE-159046] Support SecOC for SOME/IP PDUs.
  • [CANOE-160070] Improved support when accessing Service signal properties by means of the CAPL function DBLookup().
  • [CANOE-159255] Improved interpretation for some SOME/IP packets.
  • [CANOE-158634] On reception of SOME/IP PDUs the general PDU handler will be called, too.
  • [CANOE-284097] Fix an issue which may causes that the wrong IP address for Service Discovery is read from the database.
  • [CANOE-159540] Fix an issue with the interpretation of SOME/IP PDUs which are secured by SecOC.
  • [CANOE-137754] Fix an issue which may cause rounding differences on UINT64 signals.
  • [CANOE-159194] Fix an issue with the configuration of TCP and UDP ports for SOME/IP.

Option .Car2x

  • In CANalyzer /fun the ITS Station Manager is now available to configure the assignment of ITS Stations to database nodes.

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