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CANoe 10.0 SP6

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With Service Pack 6, the following changes become effective:


  • Improvements of licensing
  • Graphics and Data Window display the initial values of system variables now
  • A paused Graphics Window loads data much quicker when stopping the measurement
  • The Symbol Explorer supports the keyboard shortcut Shift+*
  • Fix for a problem when double clicking on an array system variable in the Symbol Explorer
  • Integration of several small improvements and error corrections

Security Manager

  • Multiple small improvements with security features in CANoe and the Security Manager

Diagnostics Feature Set

  • Fix for a problem with the FPL byte in start frames (FlexRay)
  • „On diagRequest/diagResponse“ for DoIP events are working now in the measurement setup
  • Improved simulation behaviour for IPv6 in combination with VLAN tags
  • Improved display of diagnostic parameters in panels
  • Additional CAPL functions and improved authentication in combination with the security manager

Option .AMD/XCP

  • System variables get the correct DAQ time stamp now
  • The CCP/XCP observer for the Trace Window works now when using a swap file for the data history
  • The setting for a connection delay on measurement start is now saved again
  • Fix for a problem with the deferred measurement stop

VT System

  • VT6104A - Network Interface Module
    • The new Network Interface Module VT6104A replaces the discontinued VT6104
    • Like VT6104, VT6104A supports up to 4 CAN / LIN / J1708 channels, freely configurable by piggy backs (separate articles)
    • In addition, you can operate CAN FD on all four channels
    • Electrical fault injection like shortcuts between signal lines / external potentials or line breaks is available for all channels
    • The bus termination resistance of 120 Ohms can be connected or disconnected to each bus channel

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