Quality Management

Our goal is excellence in all areas! We offer outstanding products and services. We implement your requirements to meet your goals, continually optimize our products and solutions, execute projects on time and within budget, offer professional training class instruction, and first-class product support.

Globally Harmonized Processes
A pillar of our success is the Vector Process Management System (VPMS). All of our locations world-wide operate on the basis of processes established in the VPMS. Your specification can be accessed from every work station with only a few mouse clicks - always up-to-date and always available. This is the basis for successful distributed world-wide product development with clearly defined interfaces and without inefficiencies.

The high satisfaction of our customers and employees and the continuing growth in both sales and employees are evidence of Vector’s success.

Our state-of-the-art VPMS is based on modern management methods. Vector processes are regularly assessed and certified, and they comply with current standards:

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