Notes for Support Requests

We can process your request quicker if you have the following information ready:

  1. Software:
    • Name and version of your software and hardware, e.g. CANoe 8.1.60 (SP2) VN1630 with serial number
    • You will find this information in the help menu of your software under "Info"
  2. Hardware:
    • Exact name of the hardware (e.g. VN1630)
    • Serial number of the hardware (e.g. 007151-999999)
    • Version number of your driver and firmware (you can find this information in the start menu under 'configuration --> control panel --> Vector Hardware).
    • Log file contents using vcaninfo.exe in case of hardware problems.
  3. Computer:
    • Name of manufacturer and model (e.g. Dell Precision T3600)
    • Laptop or desktop PC
    • Operating system (e.g. Windows 7 64 Bit)
    • Processor type and speed (e.g. Core i7, 2,7 GHz)
    • Amount of memory (e.g. 8 GB RAM)
  4. If you have a desktop PC and there are problems with PCMCIA interfaces: What is the exact name of the PCMCIA adaptor you use?
  5. Error description:
    • Which problems have appeared?
    • Did these problems appear with a certain configuration?
    • Are you getting error messages in the software, e.g. in CANalyzer's Write window?
  6. Address data:
    • Your company name and address
    • Your name
    • The name of the division you are working in
    • Phone and fax number, email address